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040229: Sun

Max Hits - book review

Title: Max Hits: Building and promoting successful websites
Author: Mike Slocombe
Publisher: RotoVision
Year: September 2003
Pages: 176

Max Hits provides a good introductory overview of how to structure, build and market your website. The book is easy to read and features lots of screenshots of websites. Slocombe defines terms and explains the steps to building a website in a manner that the beginner can read and follow easily. He also provides a number of website addresses to further resources on each topic, which is useful. Topics covered include: HTML, web-authoring packages, website hosting, information architecture, designing printer-friendly web pages, Flash, navigation, audio/video, promoting your website and more.

One of the more interesting aspects of the book is the focus on design websites. Slocombe features screenshots of many interesting, creative and colourful websites to inspire the reader. There are also short interviews with high profile web designers such as Michael Schmidt of K10K and Nick Crister of Digit Design about their approach to designing a site for a client, tips for new designers and more.

The book has a companion website which includes some of the content in the book, as well as providing many links to further resources. This website can be found at: Slocombe also has his own website at:

If you're a beginner in the web design area and want a book that takes you through the basics of building a website with lots of nice screenshots, then this book is worth a look.

Spyware—It's lurking on your machine,4149,978170,00.asp

This article in PC Magazine online talks about how individuals/companies can install adware applications, cookies, key loggers etc on your computer to track your computer/online behaviour. The companies can then use this information to serve you targeted advertising or others may even be able to take control of your PC.

The article gives a list of software including Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destory that will identify these applications for you and then you can delete them from your computer.

Leap Year today!

Yes, only once every 4 years do we get a Feb 29th! More info at:

040228: Sat


Earlier today, we went to the Paddington markets for a look around. Hadn't been there for a while. It's a great place to visit. You can get a whole lot of designy, home-made, quality clothing, bags and other things at the Paddington markets!

Then was going to go to Max Brenners for a hot chocolate or something but it was absolutely packed out. Wasn't much room to even walk around easily in there. So ended up having a milkshake at Flicks cafe. Then enjoyed a nice wander through Ariel bookshop.

Then had dinner at Silvas in Petersham.


Silvas. Click on the image for a larger sized image

Petersham is a great area for Portuguese food, along Audley St and New Canterbury Rd. Silvas was packed out tonight. Silvas has a counter along the length of the restaurant with menu boards up on the walls. This is where you order takeaway. The design of the place is a bit like a fast food restaurant with the glass display case of hot chickens and other foods, and the wooden tables and durable chairs. But it's a lot more than that. You actually feel relaxed sitting at the the tables and a waiter comes round to take your order, and gives you cutlery on a paper placemat. Also the space feels very vibrant and buzzy with lots of tables of Portuguese families and friends dining there.

The food's authentic and tasty. The Espetada is meat cubes on a long metal skewer which is placed vertically in the metal holder which is held in position by the hole in your table. There's quite a lot of meat there. You also get garlic bread + salad + polenta with that. The chicken and chips is also very yummy.

Gloria's Cafe in Audley St is also very nice and great value. For $10 you get a Portuguese steak + chips + salad. Can't beat that for value. Also their 'small' portions are actually very generous!

First Twelve Months of a Design Studio - AGDA event

"How much goes into setting up a design company? Most designers yearn for the freedom of their own studio, to do what they do best - Design. However, this is only a small part of setting up a business, albeit a significant one.

This event aims to take a realistic look at setting up a business in the communications industry. It is an attempt at getting creative minded people and business minded people speaking to each other, sharing their concerns and suggestions and ultimately discussing that crucial first year of a new company.

Speakers include Andrew Lewis; Jeanette Richards, barrister; Andrew Lam-Po-Tang, moderator."

Monday, 1st March in North Sydney and
Tuesday 2nd March in Wollongong.

For details, go to:

040226: Thu

Peter Poulet exhibition at the Watters Gallery

untitled 2004 acrylic on laminated board 45 x 135cm

Opens Wed 25 February 6 - 8pm. Closes Sat 20 March 2004
Watters Gallery, 109 Riley Street East Sydney NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9331 2556
Hours: 10am - 5pm Tuesday and Saturday, 10am - 7pm Wed, Thur, Fri

Peter Poulet is an architect based in Sydney. In 1988 he was awarded the Monobusho Japanese Fellowship in art and architecture. His work is in several distinguished collections.

Lip magazine presents an exciting workshop opportunity for young poets

Email sent: Tue 24/02/04 9:45 PM

Hello lip readers,

I'd like to let you know about a series of workshops that we will be running
at the National Folk Festival this year and encourage all young, confident
poets to apply!

lip magazine presents songwriting workshops for young performers and poets
at the National Folk Festival!

Have you ever wondered about the difference between literary poetry and song
lyrics? Are you an up-and-coming young poet who always wanted to try your
hand at writing a song? Fancy forcing a songwriter to write a haiku or
sonnet? Here's your chance to give it a go! At this year's National Folk
Festival, lip magazine is hosting a series of workshops to hook up young
poets and songwriters with aspiring performers and musicians to work
together to write songs and poems.

lip magazine is seeking applications from young poets aged under 26 to
participate in several collaborative songwriting workshops at the National
Folk Festival, Easter weekend, 8-12 April 2004. These workshops will offer
an exciting opportunity for emerging poets to work with young and
established songwriters and musicians, as well as aspiring young talent.
Workshops will explore the differences between poetry and lyrics, and poets
and songwriters will share and swap their skills. Workshops will take place
every day of the festival (excluding Thursday). There will be an opportunity
to perform resulting songs and poems will be published in lip magazine.

lip is looking for three experienced young poets who would enjoy an
opportunity to learn songwriting as well as share the skills of poem
writing. Poets must be comfortable with leading discussions, working
creatively in a team and teaching their craft. Successful poets will gain
complimentary season entry to the festival.

To apply, please send a selection of three poems, no longer than 300 words
long, accompanied by an outline of your publishing history and other
experiences that you feel will support your ability to help lead these
workshops. Please also include a paragraph on why you wish to participate.
Deadlline is 1 March 2004.

Send applications by e-mail to

Or by post to

lip magazine
PO Box 1070
Dickson ACT 2602


Rachel Funari
lip magazine


Jetstar is the new domestic cut-price airline run by Qantas. They're offering 100,000 seats at $29 to a few places at the moment. Virgin Blue, not to be outdone, have also come up with an offer of 200,000 seats at $29 as well. This is good news for customers!

Queer Screen Celluloid Salon

The Celluloid Salon screening, as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2004 was held at the Labour Club in Surry Hills last night. Films shown were:

Reality Bent. Director: Emanuel Laermenos
Invisible Existence. Director: Tyren Laidlaw
That's Life. Director: Angelo Salamanca
Bus Ride. Director: Damon Young
Call Me. Director: Jennifer Rush
The Convention. Director: Georgia Clark
If Only You Knew. Director: Alexandra Parker
Jam. Director: Lee Galea
My Family Is Special. Director: Rie Natalenko
Pride In New York. Director: Hugh Ballantyne
A Spoonful of Desi. Director: Charles Bracewell
Strange Love. Director: Hugh Ballantyne
My Myself & I. Director Hugh Ballantyne

It was 3 hours of a diverse range of short films. It was a great atmosphere. Reality Bent featured interviews with Australian gay and lesbian celebrities including Johnnie and Claire from the Big Brother series, Courtney from Australian Idol, and Ian Roberts on their views about the portrayal of them in the media and other issues.

I had only seen half of 'Strange Love' before. I had wondered what happened in the end. Now I know. It's about 'a man taking responsibility for his life'. The film was well written, acted, and directed. All in all - a fun night!

Then went to Superbowl in Dixon St, Chinatown for a late night snack of congee and combination rice noodles - yum! Then finished off with a tiramisu gelato from Gelatissimo. Love the fact that you can get food late at night in Chinatown!

Sony Tropfest 2004 winners

Director/Writer Gary Eck was awarded first prize at Sony Tropfest 2004 on Sunday night for his film THE MONEY.

A national audience of over 130,000 attended the screening of the 16 finalist films in venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Brisbane.

The panel of six esteemed judges; Salma Hayek, Josh Lucas, Rowan Woods, Sacha Horler, Neal Moritz and Tim Bullock, presented awards including best film, best actor and actress, best screenplay and best cinematography.

For full details of winners and more go to:

The Matrix Revisited: Architecture + Film

Speaker: Catherine Mansill, Architect and Set Designer

Exploring use of architecture in virtual neighbourhoods through film media, as well as other architectural forms used in the diverse aspects of theatre and other performing arts.

Architects Network Upper North - 6.30pm registration for 7.00pm start. Roseville Returned Servicemen's Memorial Club, 64 Pacific Highway, Roseville Near Roseville Railway Station.

RSVP by 19 March 2004: Bookings essential. Ingrid Pearson T<0418 228 766 F<9477 5757 Cost: $25 per person or $15 per student includes buffet dinner Monday, 22 March 2004 <

040222: Sun

CG ezine #6: 22nd February 2004 now live!

Check it out at:

There are two new feature items not yet mentioned on this weblog page. The first is Danijel Rahija's visit to Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina and the second is Keith McInnes' visit to St Petersburg, Russia. Both travel blogs feature accompanying pics!

Danijel Rahija visits Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. "The second refuge was just as nice - Refugio San Martin, no electricity so candles were lit at night. Everybody staying there had done the 8 hour hike and climbed the two mountain passes in order to get there... We definately earned the dinner and the red wine that night!.." Read about the Bariloche adventure at:

Keith McInnes writes about his trip to St Petersburg, Russia.
We were feeling a little uneasy to say the least when we started to head into the boonies and the mass collection of ex-Soviet monolithic apartment blocks where the roads have just a few potholes and the locals were eyeing us off..."
Keith also took a number of photos of St Petersburg. Read the story and view the photos at:

In the features section, there is also The Fwak Animation interview with Lili Chin and Eddie Mort up there as well as the Wellington, NZ photos as mentioned previously the this blog column.

040221: Sat

Wellington, NZ photos up on the web

I went to Wellington, NZ between 24-29th January 2004. I have relos over there so I pretty much just caught up with relos, ate a lot of home-baked goodies, and just had a nice relaxing time over there. Took a few photos and they're now up in the gallery area at:

Mambo sale

From their website:

"Grab yourself a swag of Mambo goodies (plus Tigerlily, Kookai, Kitten & more) at the SURF SWIM AND STREETWEAR SALE
THURS 26th - SUN 29th FEB 9am - 5.30pm
Sydney City Toyota 824 Bourke St Waterloo
(entry via Potter St)

Mambo usually has a sale twice a year at their Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay address. So not sure if this sale is instead of the usual ones, or as well as. Anyway, Mambo gear features some funky, bright colourful tshirts, surfwear, swimwear, bags etc. So may be worth checking out if you're in the area!

040220: Fri

Came across the website. It's a 'Journal of Business Innovation'. Lots of interesting articles and interviews with well known business/management strategists and theorists, including Clayton Christensen and Seth Godin.

Blurb on their 'About us' page says: "We'll look at innovation as it applies to strategy, business models, products, services, people, supply chain, customer experience/relationships, IT systems, marketing, outsourcing, and process management.

Our focus will be on developing and sharing:

interviews with business innovators
case-studies across various industries
how-to articles and research reports
reviews of ground-breaking books
profiles of innovative companies
opinions from consultants and practitioners"

Lemon Delicious show - Newtown, Sydney

An ex-colleague, Belinda Crawford sent along this email about a show she'll be performing/singing in. Sounds interesting!

This is the new show I am performing in (if you want to hear me sing - come along)

It's on a the New Theatre - 542 King Street, Newtown (near the corner of Alice St). We open tomorrow and have 7 shows only. Saturdays at 5pm and Sunday at 9pm (there is another Mardi Gras show on after us on Sat and before us on Sun if you want to see that as well).

Tickets are only $15 for our show! To book call 9519 8958.

040218: Wed

New tribe presents marketing challenge

This article in the SMH reports on the emergence of a new group called the 'Challengers'. MindShare - a media agency surveyed 1640 Australians and gave this name to a new group in the population who care about the environment, fighting social injustice, and standing up for their beliefs. The survey found these people are high earning professionals in their 20s-40s.

Activity is the goods for true satisfaction

This article puts forward the idea that people seem to get more 'satisfaction' out of experiences/activities rather than pure consumption of material goods. Reason being that once you buy something, that's the end of it as the good is just there. But with experiences, people participate in the activity then talk about it, remember it and kind of 'rewrite memory' about it after a while so it's positive and interesting.

Working late at night

Was working on putting up the Wellington photo gallery page online. It was around 1am. Was batch optimising some images and ended up mistakenly replacing the original ones with the optimised ones. So now I no longer have the higher res. version of the photos I took in Wellington. Oh well! Such is life. I think next time I'm not totally alert, I'll just do something else... like go to bed.

040217: Tue

Washhouse Gallery: The Dance of Life by Marion van den Driesschen
(email posted on the HDAA [architects etc] list)

You can also view Marion's work on Chaos Generation at:

Please come to the opening of


The gallery will be opened by
Richard Goodwin
on february 24th at 6pm featuring

Marion van den Driesschen
An exhibition of paintings and drawings
february 17th to march 7th 2004

gallery hours: tuesday to sunday, 8am - 4pm

washhouse gallery 711 darling street rozelle 2039
m.0425 248-334 or t.02-9555-5704

Introduction to Marion's "Dance of Life" exhibition:

The idea of an exhibition of paintings to celebrate the "Dance of Life"; its cycles and the symbolism 'dance' has within all cultures, has been formulating for a number of years. It seems to me that man's creative outpourings through artwork, drama, story-telling, dance and music reflect the 'dance of life' on all levels; physically, psychologically and spiritually. Mythology too reverberates with the patterns and rhythms of life; creation, transformation and of course life and death. Whether it is the, "Rainbow serpent shaping the landscape, or the Lord of the Dance Shiva, the source of all movement in the Universe"(p81 World Mythology, ed Roy Wills), movement and rhythm are a celebration of life.

These works are an outcome of my love for drawing the human figure, painting, dancing and music. They are the prelude to what I have called "The Dance of Life Project", an ongoing project, which will culminate with paintings, music, dance, costume and masks and who knows what else.

Marion van den Driesschen

Email about SquatFest on Sun 22nd Feb from Lucas Ihlein

Hello Friends
I am still in Canada, but am forwarding info about SquatFest which will take place this coming Sunday. Those of you who have attended previous SquatFests will know that its a lot of fun, and this year is going to be bigger than ever. The secret squat venue will be revealed later in the week on but apparently that site is not responding at the current moment...

In addition, those video/film artists who are out there, you know who you are, I am sending this to you specifically to invite you to show work at SquatFest. Please let me know ASAP if you can (even if the "mail-in" option below is inconvenient for you and we will arrange something!
Official email below!
also feel free to visit my blog at

The Squatspace crew is gearing up for the 4th annual SQUATFEST, our annual Tropfest fuck-up fest.

-- SUNDAY FEB 22 --
venue tba on

We squat an inspiring venue for the night, and show films by local and not-so-local artists, activists and filmmakers. Tropfest may give you the stepping stone to being a mop-pusher at Fox Studios. But Squatfest is an end in itself, a community event celebrating no-budget independent media productions.

Squatfest will feature one hour of selected works. After that there will be the open section where entries brought along on the night will be subject to audience veto. The squat gong will sound if the punters have had enough!

Send submissions to:
PO BOX 391
NSW. 2042
Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for returning your work.

For more info email or check out

Squatfest, Tropfest etc

It's great that people are just having a go and producing creative, experimental, or commercial works. It doesn't matter if the aim is to go to Hollywood or to create 'fringe', experimental artwork. As long as the people are having fun, having a go, exploring ideas, putting it out there then that's great!

040216: Mon

Yoko Ikeno illustration website

Came across this cool illustration site on the Jeansnow blog.

'Reality' TV shows

It's getting to the point where there's not much else to watch on free to air tv these days but 'reality' tv shows. There's everything from 'American Idol' to the upcoming new series of 'Popstars', to 'The Simple Life', to 'Nick and Jessica: Newlyweds' to 'Survivor' to 'The Resort' to 'Hothouse' to 'Ground Force' to 'Renovation Rescue' to 'Auction Squad' to 'My Restaurant Rules' to the upcoming series 4 of 'Big Brother' and the list literally goes on and on.... There's also heaps of 'lifestyle' programs on as well - all the house and gardening and cooking type shows.

There were a few movies on last night though - choice between 'Bridget Jones' Diary' or 'Tomb Raider' or 'Swordfish' followed by 'Hackers' or 'Last Boy Scout'.


Had a pretty relaxing weekend. It was pretty warm though. Started sorting through my piles of paper with the TV playing in the background! I seem to collect a lot of magazines, newspapers, flyers, freebie press stuff, and other assorted goodies along the way. May have to set up a simple database to catalogue it all - otherwise they'll just get lost again once they've been sorted and dumped into archive boxes.

2002 movie

There was a good sci-fi show on SBS one night last week at 11.25pm called 2002. Blurb says:

"2002" is a specialised unit in the Hong Kong Police force which only deals with cases of extreme intrigue, the supernatural or both. A lone officer (Yau Kwong Chiu), who is not only able to see the restless spirits that cause havoc in society but also does battle and neutralise them, heads the police unit.

It was like a cross between Matrix, Ghost, Ghostbusters and probably a lot of other films melded into 2002. Featured mainly two guys in black doing stylised martial arts stuff. Fun to watch though.

Close to you movie

Recently saw another similar movie but without the 'ghosts' component. It was called 'Close to you' which featured two sisters who were assassins, and a woman cop out to find them - all wearing sexy white outfits doing the stylised, special effects martial arts stuff. Another fun movie.

040212: Thu

How We Started (and Grew) Our Firm: 4 Designers Tell What They Didn't Learn In School

This article is on AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) website. Four design firms talk about their experiences in starting a business, getting clients, marketing and running their firms and more.

The four firms featured are: 1. Bløk Design, Toronto, 2. UP Design, Montclair, New Jersey, 3. Bennett Peji Design, San Diego, California, and 4. Phinney/Bischoff Design House, Seattle, Washington.

Kerrie Powell interview - graphic designer

This is an interview can be found on the AGDA website. Dennis Ogden, AGDA Victoria interviews Kerrie Powell who was originally from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and who within seven years has become Associate Partner of Pentagram, New York.

040210: Tue

Free classified website aimed at Sydney communities

This article in the SMH is about Craigslist, a free online "community classifieds and forums" site which was started in San Francisco about 10 years ago.

The site is is designed like an online community noticeboard where people can post items for free. Only job ads incur a fee.

They're about to develop sites for Sydney and Melbourne this year.

L'oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Check out the program for the L'oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival at:
It's on from 14-21 March 2004.

Love Exhibition

'Love Exhibition' is specially held for Valentine's day from Feb 7 - Feb 14. It exhibits jewellery created by Australian designers. All the jewellery are hand-made with high quality-finish, and they are either one-off or limited-edition pieces just for 'Love Exhibition'.

Exhibition of: Annette Boughen, Marcelo Zavala-Baeza, Margot Douglus, Pip Keane, Renee Chan, and Surasit Liphan.

At Boutique Kai, 457a King St, Newtown. Ph: 02 9557 5880. Mon closed. Tue-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun: 12-5pm.

Late date with a plate

This SMH article sees journo John Newton trapsing around inner Sydney to try and find some decent food place that is open late at night. He finds very few places where the kitchen is still open when he does the rounds starting at 11pm. There's a list of the some that are open late in the article. Factors attributed to the almost non-existent late night dining options include paying penalties for keeping staff on late at night, and expensive liquor licenses to be able to serve drinks or food late at night.

It would be great for Sydney tourism and the hospitality and restaurant businesses if Sydney were to open up late. That was one aspect I particularly loved about Melbourne. Melbourne was really buzzing late at night with cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and more open till the early hours, and they still served main meals at 11pm-12am and beyond, in some of the places. Brunswick St, St Kilda Rd, Acland St etc were really rocking late at night with people spilling onto the footpaths digging into their mains and drinking the night away with friends.

With Sydney being a global city with so many diverse cultures and tourists and night owls etc, I'm almost certain a market exists for late night dining if only the restaurant kitchens would be willing to open beyond 9pm into the early hours of the morning.

Events page updated

Events added:

DEC 13 - MAR 21: Sydney Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2003 - Exhibition
JAN 6 - MAR 14: Sydney Style: Objects / Design / Ideas - Exhibition
JAN 29 - FEB 24: Sydney Heroes and Monseters - Shag - Exhibition
FEB 11 - 22: Sydney 2004 Mardi Gras Film Festival - Short film festival
FEB 13-15: Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival
FEB 14:Sydney Out and About: Queer Literature for Young People - Forum. FREE

FEB 18: Sydney Jewel - Concert
FEB 18: Sydney Photodoc 5 - Talk
FEB 22: Sydney Sony Tropfest 2004 - Short film festival. FREE
FEB 26: Sydney Architects Talk at the Building Bookshop
MAR 5 - APR 6: Sydney Bob Marley - A Rebel Life - Exhibition
MAR 23 - MAY 16: Sydney Design Island - Exhibition
APR 7: Sydney in the Room - Dance performance
APR 17: Sydney John Mayer - Concert
APR 16+17: Sydney, APR 24: Auckland Semi-Permanent 2004 - Design conference
JUN 29 - JUL 3: Sydney Fine Line Terrain - Dance performance
JUL 28-AUG 8: Melbourne State of Design Festival - Design festival

For more details of events, go to:

040206: Fri

Interview with Lili Chin and Eddie Mort of Fwak! Animation

images copyright 2003 fwak! animation studio | eddie mort & lili chin.

Lili Chin and Eddie Mort are directors of Fwak Animation. They are currently working on Season 3 of Mucha Lucha. The Mucha Lucha series screens on the Cartoon Network at 11.30am on Saturdays and on Channel 9 at 6.30am on Sundays in Australia. They have also just completed a 1/2 hour pilot for Cosmic Baby and are also developing new TV series projects. They moved from Sydney to L.A. in September last year to work at Warner Bros.

Read the interview covering how they got into animation, Fwak! Animation, ideas, creativity, the future and heaps more at: There are some examples of their work on CG as well at:

Also check out the Fwak! Animation website at: and their blog at:

Sony Tropfest is proud to announce the 16 finalist films for 2004!


In alphabetical order

Director/ Producer: Michael Brown
Synopsis: Life is about to change in a big way for Michael and Julie, and it weighs eight pounds.

Director: Helen Toman, Producer: Kate Dalton
Synopsis: A story about three brothers and the choices they have to make growing up in a country of war.

Director: Andejko Jurin, Producer: John L. Simpson
Synopsis: World's biggest prick of a parking cop gets what he deserves.

Director: Antonio Oreña Barlin, Producer: Katrina Douglas
Synopsis: Albert Lewis is a Sydney 2000 Olympic volunteer who just can't let go....

Director/ Producer: Annabel Osborne
Synopsis: Social activist, masked man of the beach, self-confessed super hero! A day in the life of Chipman and his amazing deed.

Director/ Producer: Steve Baker
Synopsis: Life can be a little different through the eyes of an animation...

Director: Sam Worthington
Producers: Dorian Nkono, Sam Worthington, Andrew Legalo
Synopsis: A documentary about a man with a gift.

Director/ Co-Producer: Glenn Stewart, Producer: Geoff Young
Synopsis: A young boy contemplates life and death.

Director/ Co-Producer: Greg Williams, Co-Producer: Justine Gallacher
Synopsis: Ted wants the police to get his wife and kids back. The police are more interested in finding out just how nuts Ted is.

Director: Gary Eck, Producer: Philip Wade
Synopsis: Damien has done something he shouldn't have - he's about to face the toughest question of his life.

Director: Gary Cunliffe, Producer: Bill Doig
Synopsis: A Polish immigrant is confronted with his violent past while completing a newspaper crossword.

Director/ Producer: Frazer Bailey
Synopsis: When Griff pulls into a remote country service station he didn't realise how difficult it would be to get good service.

Director: Luke Doolan, Producer: Nicole O’Donohue
Synopsis: 45, 000 capacity, 44, 999 fans and one spare seat. This is a tale of love, loss, compassion and cricket.

Director/ Co-Producer: Eleni Arbus, Co-Producer: Jim Xyga
Synopsis: A young boy lies beneath a huge oak tree as life unravels around him.

Director/ Producer: Costa Avgoustinos
Synopsis: A cartoon about two characters who must find a way of becoming part of the stars.

Director: Elissa Down, Producer: Paul Karan
Synopsis: It is the start of the summer holidays and Felicity is 15, bra-less and boyfriend-less. Will God answer her prayers and change all that?

Congratulations to the finalist filmmakers and thank you to all those filmmakers out there who submitted an entry for Sony Tropfest 2004. We look forward to seeing you all at the festival.

The Sony Tropfest Team

The State of Design Festival Exhibition Awards, Melbourne

"Melbourne and Victoria are part of Australia’s design-rich spaces. From 28 July to 05 August, the State of Design Festival will be the place to be – to experience the diversity and excellence of contemporary Australian design.

A major component of the Victorian Government’s design initiative, the State of Design Festival, will be presented in partnership with Museum Victoria’s designed to inspire program.

This initiative has been developed for designers and anyone who uses and enjoys design, design-minded businesses and manufacturers, design students, and those who wish to pursue design as a career. The program for the State of Design Festival will offer exhibitions, international design speakers, retail events, seminars, workshops and factory floor forums.

These events will culminate in Australia’s richest design prize, the inaugural $40,000 Victorian Premier’s Design Award, awarded for the most outstanding design project in the Design 2004 Exhibition.


The centrepiece of the State of Design Festival will be the Design 2004 Exhibition, to be held at Melbourne Museum from 28 July to 17 October.

The exhibition will highlight Australian contemporary design excellence and innovation in all disciplines, including: architecture, interior and exhibition design, graphic design, landscape and urban design, digital and multimedia design, industrial and product design, fashion and textile design, jewellery design, and any permutation of these.

To be judged by a panel of design professionals, all projects selected for the Design 2004 Exhibition will be eligible for the Design 2004 Awards offering $60,000 in award prizes and featuring the Victorian Premier’s Design Award.

Professional and newly-established designers are eligible to enter the Design 2004 Exhibition according to the terms outlined in the Call for Entries Kit.

The Call for Entries kit will be available from 10 February 2004." You can register your interest at: Entries close 15 April 2004.

Designing for the 21st Century III : An International Conference on Universal Design
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 8-12 December 2004.
"This is an extraordinary moment. Never before in history have we been as varied in age and ability as we are at the start of the new century. Design matters more than ever. We must make choices about designing places, things, information and policies that not only reduce barriers but welcome everyone and enhance human health. Join us in a dialogue between nations and across disciplines."
Visit the website for submission proposals and for more information.

Shock sacking of Sydney councils - but why?
The Sydney City Council and South Sydney Council have both been abolished by the NSW government this morning. "Former Sydney City Council lord mayor Lucy Turnbull, former South Sydney Council mayor Tony Pooley and the director general of the department of local government, Garry Payne, have been nominated to be temporary administrators until the local government elections..."

040204: Wed

Life is elsewhere

The Age has an interesting article titled 'Life is elsewhere' which talks about Australians going overseas to London and New York etc to work and not coming back. These expats find there's a lot more opportunity over there, they feel they're working at the heart of activity and business rather than an outpost, they like the fast pace, the large scale projects, the fact that success is promoted and encouraged rather than the tall poppy syndrome they feel is present in Australia.

The big squeeze

The article 'The big squeeze' talks about the rise of the fresh juices and smoothie bar businesses in Australia. The article tells the story of Janine Allis founding Boost Juice, and Scot McNamara founding Viva Juice. It mentions that Allis was featured in the BRW magazine's Young Rich list, "estimated to be worth $14 million. Boost made a $2 million pre-tax profit in the 2002-03 financial year, and estimates a $4.5 million profit by this July. She owns 52 per cent of Boost..."

CG Things to do

- Get the next issue of the CG ezine out. Will include interview with Lili Chin and Eddie Mort of FWAK! Animation!, photos from Wellington, NZ, another travel blog instalment from Danjiel Rahija, a travel story from Keith McInnes and more...
- Update the events page

Tracey Moffatt photographic exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

"February is your last chance to see the enormously popular exhibition of work by Australian artist Tracey Moffatt. Moffatt's photographic series tease the viewer with glimpses of stories still to be told. Up in the Sky reveals the story of a young white woman, her Aboriginal child and Aboriginal suitor situated in a small outback town; Laudanum (1998) tells of the power struggle between a master and servant; whilst Something More (1989), Moffatt's best-known series, tells the story of a young woman leaving home to move to the city. Filled with humour, drama and emotion, Moffatt's photo narratives stay with you long after you leave the gallery.

Tracey Moffatt closes Sunday 29 February . Admission to this exhibition is free - thanks to MCA leading sponsor Telstra.

On Tuesday 17 February at 6.30pm join artist Luke Roberts for a special FREE evening tour through the exhibition spiced with the anecdotes, memories and tales that only a close personal friend can provide. Roberts also appears in Moffatt's 1993 feature film beDevil. Bookings are essential by phoning 02 9250 8484 or emailing MCA Education"



On Thursday 24 February at 6.30pm, as the Tracey Moffatt exhibition draws to an end, the MCA hosts a FREE panel discussion offering a critical appreciation of Moffatt's international stature. Panelists are Judy Annear, Senior Curator of Photography at the Art Gallery of NSW; media artist, critic and writer John Conomos; and visual artist Darren Siwes. The discussion will be chaired by Alasdair Foster, Director of the Australian Centre for Photography. Bookings essential: 02 9250 8484 or emailing MCA Education

Collecting Photography: panel discussion at the Museum of Contemporary Art


Have you been thinking that it's time to start your own collection? Not too sure where to begin? On Tuesday 3 February at 6.30pm the MCA presents Collecting Photography , the first in a series of panel discussions exploring a variety of perspectives on collecting contemporary art. Chaired by Claire Armstrong, Editor of Art and Australia, Collecting Photography brings together art collector Pat Corrigan; Annette Larkin, Associate Director and Head of Contemporary Art at Christie's; art consultant Linda Slutzkin; and photographer Robyn Stacey, to have their say on collecting photography. Admission is $20/$15 MCA Members and Ambassadors.

Further discussions in the series examine collecting painting (4 May), video (3 August) and drawing (9 November). You can SAVE and book all four events for $70/$50. Bookings are essential by phoning 02 9250 8484 or emailing MCA Education.

Peter Weir announces new art award

"Acclaimed film director Peter Weir will announce the establishment of a new $25,000 art award in honour of Anne Landa on February 11 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Initiated by her daughter Sophie Landa and Edmund Capon, the award will be an exciting addition to the country's contemporary arts calendar. Anne Landa, who passed away in 2002, was a trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The award will acknowledge Anne’s exceptional support of the visual arts in Australia.

"Anne was a woman of great passion, energy and courage. This Award will honour a truly remarkable Australian who was a great supporter of the arts in this country," said Edmund Capon, Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The Award will be part of a biennial curated exhibition of innovative film, video, and photomedia. It will also be the first acquisitive award in Australia to focus on this area of practice. One work will then be selected to enter the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The inaugural exhibition is to be curated by Wayne Tunnicliffe, Curator of Contemporary Australian Art.

Apart from her commitment to the Art Gallery New South Wales, Anne was co-ordinator of the Landa scholarship for young pianists, a member of the committee of the Sydney piano competition, an advisory council member for the College of Fine Arts and a director of Greater Union.

"Anne was a very important part of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, her influence going way beyond just that of a Trustee. We welcome the establishment of the award in her name as it will perpetuate an association between our Gallery and Anne, sadly not in person but in spirit," said Mr David Gonski AO, President, Board of Trustees, Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The inaugural Anne Landa Award exhibition will open at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in November 2004."

040202: Mon

Red Carpet Call for Entries - March Screening for 2004

A non-competitive film night at Valhalla Cinema for filmmakers of all standards from first time beginners to some of Australia’s most award winning films. We welcome all standards of film and especially try to
encourage beginners.

March’s screening is proudly supported by:
Digital Pictures, Channel 31, IF Magazine, Valhalla Cinemas and is part of the LEXUS IF AWARDS.

Conditions of Entry

Films to be under 10 minutes (although films of longer duration maybe considered)

No entry fee is payable but if your film is selected to be screened you must presell 10 tickets ($13/head) – note: all profits for this screening go to registered charity Northern Beaches Interchange Inc who provide respite care for disabled children.

Entries close 13th February 5pm

For further details and entry forms email or phone 0425 757 468

Back from Wellington, NZ

Had a great time in Wellington. Especially nice catching up with my aunts etc. Wellington feels like a more laid back and greener Melbourne. I love the hilly terrain with the houses dotting the landscape. The place just feels so green and open and fresh. It has the best of lots of worlds really. Everything's within about 10-20 minutes away, they've got a CBD where you can get pretty much anything you want, lots of cool cafes, cool fashions, not very busy, no traffic jams, convenient bus services, lots of green open spaces, and the people are very friendly.

There's a real community/village atmosphere where people still drop by friends houses without needing to ring up first and people take home-made cakes, jams, home-grown fruit and vegies and other things to each other's places and chat for hours and stay for on for lunch and dinner. That's what I saw of Wellington anyway!

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