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020130: Wed

I like Alicia Keys' music. First heard the song 'Fallin' on TV. The website is great. It's simple and is very informative. You can download some of her songs and video clips. More sites could follow the design of this site.

Rick Price will also be featured on the Music Country channel on the Optus network. The show will be on Thu 7th Feb at 8pm and Tue 12th Feb at 9pm.

020129: Tue

Rick Price AND Jack Jones are going to be performing at the North Sydney Leagues Club on Saturday 2nd Feb. By chance, I heard the ad being broadcast on radio this morning, in the car. Tried to a site that listed the event but haven't found anything so far. May get one of those freebie paper gig guides later on to see if it's listed there. Rang The Club and they've still got tickets. Yay. I can't believe I didn't hear about this earlier.

Whilst looking for info on Google for gig guides etc and more info on the above, I came across the home page for Sony Music Australia where there's some info on Rick Price. Went to the home page for Sony and also found the news that Darren Hayes has just released a new single - 'Insatiable'. I guess I'm not so up with the play on music videos anymore. Very rarely make an effort to catch the Saturday morning music videos, whereas when I was much younger, I wouldn't miss it every Saturday and Sunday morning.

The 2002 Weblog awards are coming up soon. It's your chance to vote for your favourites now. If you don't know what a weblog is, go to this the weblog awards link and start reading some weblogs and you'll find out soon enough :-). I love them. They're great fun.

Had 'Moonraker' on in background mode on the tele last night whilst on the computer. Then suddenly the soundwaves were interrupted with what seemed like people shouting at each other and not really seeming to realise or care that they're on International television. I looked up and saw that it was Ricki Lake. Had to switch it off. Can't stand to watch shows like that. My sympathies go out to the people who appear on some of these 'talk' shows. I think that sometimes these people don't really know any better. But the TV networks do.

020126: Sat

It's Australia Day today! If you're in NSW, check out the Australia Day Council NSW website for details of what's happening around town today. Lots of live music, shows, food, fireworks happening. Pat Rafter has been named 'Australian of the Year'.

Been having a lot of fun in the last couple of weeks looking at everything from bricks to toilets and basins, taps, kitchens etc for my house project. I find myself noticing everything wherever I go. I see so much cool stuff everywhere but I am also aware that there's a pretty tight budget I have to keep to. So the aim is to find cool, well-made stuff that is reasonably priced as well.

Went to the Austral Display Centre the other day and quite liked the Millenium series of bricks - very smooth face with some very vibrant earthy colours. The charcoal is pretty nice or the cream - depending on what look you're after. Some of the series are pretty expensive. It's good to get an idea of what's around. Will probably bag the bricks though with a white paint finish to give it that textured Greek Island, European look.

Checked out 'Reece' in Waterloo. Looked at all the different ranges of toilets, basins and taps and found a cool looking mixer in the Porcher range and so decided to follow that brand through. Saw a cool retro looking Flexispray shower head as well.

Even been noticing concrete floors as that'll be the flooring material used in the interior and for some of the exterior as well. May try an experiment that Sarah suggested with the external concrete floor - ie adding irregular shaped mosaic tiles into the concrete. Might even add some gold and silver mosaic tiles to make the ground *sparkle* a bit for fun. Or maybe get some mosaic art piece happening on the ground. Also saw some cool acryllic rugs the other day - they can even be hosed down and just left to dry apparently.

Generally going for an industrial, minimalist look which I love. Want to get those cool large industrial light fittings as well.

Had a look at lots of 'designer' apartment blocks that are going to be completed in the next year or so as well. Some of them look pretty groovy. There are a number of new ones being built around Waterloo, Zetland, and Alexandria. The location is close enough to the CBD as well as other places like the airport, Fox Studios, Newtown etc. I particularly liked 'Sonoma' - an AJ+C creation.

Came across the 'Loft' book at Stanton Library that I'd seen in the bookshops. Borrowed it and having fun browsing through it. They've got so many cool items there and their specialty is architecture.

Got a digital camera recently - a Kodak DX3600. Does what I want it do which is primarily to take good quality photos for the web. Also liked the fact that it has the movie feature which the latter models like the DX3900 no longer have. Have taken some photos of Sydney - will post them up soon.

Learnt a bit of javascript the other day - wanted to have thumbnails of images on a web page and then if the user clicks on the thumbnail then a larger version of that image opens up in its own browser window but that it looks like it's framed rather than having the whole page open with lots of white space to the right and bottom of the image. Anyway, got it working after a while between the H and I :-).

020122: Tue

The Aussies won heaps of awards at the Golden Globe Awards. They're all so talented. It's great that they're getting international recognition for their work. They included Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Rachel Griffiths, Judy Davis, and Russell Crowe. I sound like a proud Aussie. I guess I am. Especially as I'm surrounded by Kiwis who barrack for the Kiwi teams for the cricket and the rugby.

This week's TIME magazine has a feature on Medicine and Prevention: How to Stay Healthy in 2002. I found the articles: Walk Don't Run, 10 Foods That Pack a Wallop which outlines the benefits found in foods like nuts, broccoli, tomatoes and red wine, and Pumping Preventive Iron very useful and informative.

'The One' is a cool action film starring Jet Li. I loved the shots of the other Yulaws - some of the parallel universes Yulaw disguises were pretty funny.

Saw Serendipity on Sunday. Didn't even realise it was out till that morning. Nice fluffy film. Nicer because John Cusack is in it. Kate Beckinsale is pretty good in it as well. Didn't really get into the film all that much. For some reason, I enjoyed other films like the 'Wedding Planner' a bit more. Waiting for Kate and Leopold to come out so I can watch that one with Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan.

020109: Wed

Fun stuff from Wotch on 'How to Satisfy a Woman' and 'How to Satisfy a Man'. Ha. ha. Yeah whatever.

A well written article on 'Fixing a Fat Nation: Why diets and gyms won't save us from the obesity epidemic'. It talks about incorporating exercise as part of your lifestyle. The article looks at environmental factors like the design of cities and the ready availability and low cost of fast foods like McDonalds as factors contributing to unhealthy lifestyles and diets. Another point was schools being paid to have the fizzy drink and snack food vending machines placed in the schools.

You can download a free chapter of Seth Godin's new book: 'Survival is Not Enough'. His new book is about companies embracing change so they can zoom ahead of their competitors. He gives an example of how Kinkos became such a successful company for a while - until it got sold. The person who started it all - Paul Orfalea co-owned the stores with each 'local' store and gave them a high level of autonomy. Paul would circulate around the branches and if one of the local branches was doing something well, Paul would tell the other branches about it so they could all benefit from the knowledge and apply it.

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