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Friday, April 30

Deborah Mailman on "Enough Rope" Monday 3 May 

Channel 2. Monday, 3 May at 9:30pm.
Andrew Denton interviews Deborah Mailman of "The Secret Life of Us" on Enough Rope.

Discussion Island: Asian Australian artists talk at the MCA - FREE EVENT 

On Tuesday 11 May at 6.30pm, the MCA continues it highly successful series of artist-led discussions under the Discussion Island banner. Convened by Aaron Seeto, artist and Curator with Gallery 4A, Asia-Australia Arts Centre, this first discussion for the year brings together Asian Australian artists Greg Leong, Koky Saly, Renee So and Suzann Victor to share their cross generational views on identity. The panel sets out to examine how recent accounts of Asian Australian identity have relied on themes such as arrival, influence and adaptation which recognise shared experiences but can lead to restrictive generalisations.

Admission is FREE however bookings are essential by phoning 02 9250 8484 or emailing MCA Education.

Collecting Series at the MCA 

Collecting Painting on Tuesday 4 May at 6.30pm is the second in a series of panel discussions exploring everything you need to know about collecting - from making your first purchase through to caring for your collection. To be chaired by Miriam Cosic, Arts Editor at The Australian, the panel includes Archibald Prize winner Adam Cullen; Vasili Kaliman, Director, Kaliman Gallery; consultant Amanda Love; and Nick Mitzevich, Director Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

Admission is $20/$15 MCA Members and Ambassador. Bookings are essential by phoning 02 9250 8484 or emailing MCA Education.

Thursday, April 29

Quentin Tarantino Q+A cancelled 

Got an email from both Popcorn Taxi (organisers of the Q+A event) and the Sydney Opera House to say that the event has been cancelled as he's exhausted from all the touring to promote the Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 films. Pretty disappointing! Hope he does make it to Sydney some other time though. Read in the SMH that the event sold out in 36 hrs!

Blog tools 

Been looking at a few blogging tools to make the blogging process a bit more efficient. I also wanted to look at the features available with some of these blogging tools. Read a few reviews and looked at Blogger and Movable Type. Movable Type seemed to require a bit more setup time but looks like a great tool. Typepad is a the simpler, no fuss version of Movable Type but there is a monthly fee associated with it depending on what features you want.

Blogger kind of sold it to me because it said you could set it up in a couple of minutes. Tried to set up an account and it said that Chaosgeneration was already taken. So I tried logging in and it worked! Turns out that I'd set up an account back in August 2001 and must've just forgotten about it. I had even posted an item to the blog.

So I've now taken that further and have customised the blog page to look like the rest of the site and the page now gets automatically ftped to the Chaosgeneration site.

On the Blogger site, they have a list of providers of Comments and Trackback functionality for your blog. So I checked out a few of the links and ended up going with Haloscan as it was free and looked easy to set up.

So now I can publish faster and more efficiently - no need to open Dreamweaver and the FTP program and all that. Can just jump on any computer that's online and just post away at whim! Yay!

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